Individual Sessions:

Namasté Healing Sessions are a powerful tool for effecting lasting emotional and spiritual life changes.


Sessions typically start with some conversation, and then move into working with the client’s body/energy/vibration, listening together to entire system for what is needed. Some of the work during this time might be hands-on, based on the client’s comfort level. Movement, imagery/visualization, belief work, and other techniques are introduced to assist and guide clients in releasing blocks and connecting with free flowing life energy. Throughout the session, clients are invited to communicating about their experience of what is happening physically, energetically, which further guides the process. Techniques for anchoring the new flow of energy in the client’s body, mind, and cells, are incorporated throughout the session. This allows the experience to create a new paradigm for how the client sees themselves and their life.


Sessions typically take place on a mat on the floor, and there is often movement involved. Clients with mobility and range of motion issues can be accommodated. Loose fitting clothes that are comfortable to move in are recommended. Each session is unique, and designed to address the individual needs of each client. Namasté sessions are approximately an hour long, although they can be extended as appropriate. The fee for Namasté Healing sessions is $100/hr.; payment and financial arrangements can be negotiated for those with limited resources.


Personalized Chakra Teaching: In these sessions, individuals can learn about specific Chakras, gaining both general information, and direct insight into how that Chakra relates to their lives. Clients can arrange for a full series of 7 sessions, or choose to focus on one or more Chakras in particular. Sessions generally run for 2 ½ hours, and include some light process. Fees for each session are $180.