Individual Sessions:

Namasté Healing Sessions are a powerful tool for effecting lasting emotional and spiritual life changes. Engaging the client on cognitive, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual levels, Namaste Sessions release old patterns and create new paradigms for living a life of “Embodied Joy”. Email us to set up a session, or learn more about them below:


“Embodied Joy” is a perspective and an experience in which your entire life is built upon a foundation of joy walking through every event, every encounter, every challenge, every moment – even the moments that are painful and tragic – with the awareness that Joy is your Birthright. It is the joy that comes when you know that, no matter what happens, you are resilient. Joy that embraces abundance over scarcity. Joy that sees the pain and suffering in the world, and is still able to celebrate the beauty. Joy that is based in love, comes from love, embraces love and offers love out to the world. Pain, when it happens, has it’s impact. And then there is a return to a baseline of Joy. Embodied Joy is seeing the world in it’s truth, and saying “I choose Joy”.


Namaste Sessions open the path to Embodied Joy by helping the client master these core principles:


Curiosity: Approaching the world with curiosity, and intending to love the abundant uniqueness of everything.


Non-attachment: Letting go of attachment to outcomes, and allowing in surprises that might be even better than imagined.


Trust: Trusting that the Universe is a place of abundance, that delights in our thriving. Trusting that there is actually enough, and letting go of the need for “more” to be safe or happy.


Humor: Seeing that life is full of humor. Being willing to laugh, especially at oneself. Recognizing the pain and suffering in the world, yet not taking anything, including ourselves, so seriously as to kill one’s joy.


Choice: Remembering that one is always at choice. Always. One can set boundaries; take risks; and change one’s beliefs and paradigms.


Embodiment: Everyone has a body. It has the capacity to experience immense pleasure, and immense pain. Treating one’s body with love and respect, which includes deeply experiencing everything that is happening in it.


Experimentation: Approaching life as if “Everything is an experiment”. Trying out new things, and noticing the results. Choosing not to label efforts “failures” if they don’t produce a desired outcome. Instead, choosing to adjust the experiment.


Acceptance of Death: Death is inevitable. Everyone does it. The fear that it will happen is irrational – it will. Building one’s life around that fear, cuts off the ability for Embodied Joy.


Sessions work with the client’s body/energy/vibration, listening to entire system for what is needed in order to access free-flowing, abundant energy. Movement, imagery/visualization, belief work, and other techniques may also be introduced. Some of the work during this time might be hands-on, based on the client’s comfort level. Techniques for anchoring the new flow of energy are incorporated throughout the session. This allows the experience to create a new paradigm for the client’s life.


Sessions can be done in person, or via video calling. Every session is unique, and responds to the individual needs of each client. Namasté sessions are typically an hour long. The fee for Namasté Healing sessions is $125/hr.; payment and financial arrangements can be negotiated for those with limited resources.


Personalized Chakra Teaching: In these sessions, individuals can learn about specific Chakras, gaining both general information, and direct insight into how that Chakra relates to their lives. Clients can arrange for a full series of 7 sessions for $1600 with prepayment, or choose to focus on one or more Chakras in particular. Sessions generally run for 2½ hours, and include some light process. Fees for each session are $250.


Private retreats are generally 2-3 days long. During this time, clients are able to have 2-3 Namaste Healing sessions, as well as time for quiet reflection, meditation, integration and deep conversation. Depending on the length of the stay, ritual and other processes can be incorporated into the process.


Fees for Private Retreats start at $750 for a 2-day retreat. Fees include Namaste Healing sessions, a private guest room and guest bath, all meals (special diets are accommodated), and access to the grounds. Longer retreats and services with outside practitioners (massage, Reiki, etc.) can be arranged for additional fees.


Email us for more information or to arrange a private retreat.