How to Receive a Virtual Hug


  • Visualize the person who sent it to you
  • Remember a time when you got/gave a hug that was really satisfying and comforting
  • Bring your awareness to your body
  • Recall the experience of that comforting hug.
    • The touch of the arms around you.
    • The feel of the other person in your arms.
    • Your head against them.
    • Maybe you can remember the scent of their hair, clothes, skin.
    • Were there sounds as you relaxed into the hug? Can you hear them in your mind?
  • Summon that comfort as fully as you can
  • Now, keeping that memory in your awareness, imagine that all of the cells of your body are like little sponges, able to soak up and drink in the experience
  • Allow your body to absorb the physical memories of being hugged
  • Feel it filling you up and becoming part of your cellular memory
  • Bring your mind back to the person who sent you a virtual hug
  • Imagine them there with you, hugging you as you were hugged in the past


You have now fully received their virtual hug!