Dianne Weisselberg, MSW, LMSW, has been a student and teacher of healing techniques for over 25 years. Her studies in traditional psychotherapy included treatment for Addiction and Grief. This was followed by extensive studies in non-traditional transformational techniques, including Reiki and other energy work; Belief Transformation work; Chakra Therapy; Process therapy; Tantra; Myth/Story work; Shamanism; and other modalities.


Dianne completed a year-long residence training in 2000 at Shalom Mountain Retreat and Study Center, and several advanced training programs at Shalom; she has taught and led several times at Shalom, and currently serves on the Shalom Mountain Board of Directors. In November 2016, Dianne assumed the role of Board Chair.


Dianne created Namaste Sacred Healing Center in 2010. In 2011, she completed her studies with Anodea Judith at Sacred Centers, and received her Certificate in Chakra Therapy; the following year, she became a Master Reiki. Dianne has synthesized her wide-ranging experience of different modalities and paradigms to create a unique healing approach that amplifies her natural abilities to attune, listen, and respond to clients’ physical, energetic and emotional blocks. Through unblocking and evolving our ability to love ourselves, others, the world, and the cosmos we find the pathway to creating the life we long to live, and the world in which we live it.


Dianne Weisselberg, MSW, LMSW
Director, Namaste Sacred Healing Center